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Cutting Edge Technology

We utilize the most advanced industry leading disinfecting delivery system. By utilizing electrostatic induction charged technology, we can ensure our customers have received 100% surface protection from infectious diseases and noxious odors. 

The principals of induction charging allow our technicians to apply a fine mist to all surfaces, encapsulating whole areas with a minimum amount of disinfectant moisture, meaning sensitive equipment, electronics and especially hidden surfaces where microbes linger can be covered and disinfected without being manually touched.



By better understanding the chemistry and physics behind the sprayers you will better understand the effectiveness of our service. 

Electrostatic spraying is a coating method which produces electrically charged droplets.

These electrically charged droplets work against gravity in order to make a strong bind and create complete and absolute coverage to every square inch of your treated area. 

The induction charged particle droplets WRAP AROUND tough to reach areas and penetrate deep into cracked and non-solid surfaces giving coverage normal spray and wipe methods cannot offer. 

There is NO CROSS-CONTAMINATION when treating with sprayers. Conventional spray and wipe techniques can create more of a problem by touching infected materials. With spraying, we make zero bodily surface contact eliminating the threat of cross-contamination.


We utilize the most advanced

  electrostatic sprayers on the planet


   Electrostatic Delivery System

​​Our electrostatic sprayer that is the most advanced chemical delivery system on the planet. It utilizes induction charged technology to produce small electrically charged droplets that reach further and penetrate deeper, allowing you to reach 100% of your surfaces - including hidden areas and sensitive equipment - protecting you and your customers from the spread of infectious diseases. Independent lab tests confirm this methodology provides the highest efficiency distribution to both reduce your environmental footprint and improve the overall health and safety of your facility without the threat of cross contamination. graph here.

This induction charged technology was used in Haiti in 2010 after their devastating earthquake - providing ground crews the ability to mitigate and control the spread of disease. More recently, Electrostatic technology was instrumental in eradicating the largest Norovirus outbreak in CDC history, once again proving the ability of technicians to reach and treat virtually every touch point in a short period of time and especially reaching those areas untouched by traditional housekeeping/janitorial protocols of mops, spray bottles and wipes.