Our electrostatic sprayers

Two Step Infection Prevention 

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Step 1: Using non-toxic chemicals in our industry leading electrostatic sprayers our technicians will provide complete disinfection in targeted environments.

Step 2: Following our disinfection process we re-coat the target environments with a non-toxic anti-microbial polymer that will protect you from harmful micro-organisms for up to 90 days.

State of the art Services

​​​Proactive & Emergency Disinfecting 

Whether your protecting yourself from future health problems or reacting to a breakout, our technicians provide only the most advanced electrostatic

spray disinfecting to your targeted environment.

With our step 1 disinfecting we use safe, effective and non-toxic chemicals that will eliminate and provide you peace of mind from dangerous viruses and bacteria. 



Odor & Mold Remediation

Lingering odors and harmful mold spores can have a negative effect on your health and overall well-being.

Using environmentally safe laboratory

tested chemicals our electrostatic sprayers provide​ complete remediation of the problem, which will ultimately increase your quality of life and productivity.   

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Need Disinfecting?

constantly sick?

have bad odors?

mold is a problem?

we have the solution!


100% Surface Protection

Our electrostatic delivery system is the most advanced on the planet. By using inductive charging sprayers we can GUARANTEE full surface coverage.



Commercial & Residential



We provide our services to a broad  spectrum of industries. Some include:

​ - Healthcare Facilities

 - Athletic Facilities

 - Offices

 - Schools & Daycares

 - Transportation

 - Food & Beverage Industry

 - Residential Homes







Eco-Friendly Chemicals


​All of the chemicals we use are EPA Certified and NON-TOXIC for you and your environment.